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Elysian Fields is in a state of expansion now! Whisper a member for information!
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Starting 26 December Raid Nights Are Wed/Thurs 8PM EST

TheMuleMan, Dec 15, 12 8:08 PM.
I have added these events in the calendar. I am looking to get a solid first raid team that can show up on Wed/Thur as the first string.

Congratulations to Riceria as our new officer

TheMuleMan, Dec 15, 12 7:51 PM.
Please take a second to congratulate Riceria on ascending to The Gods. He has some great ideas for the guild and looks to take a more active role in making the guild better. Please assist him with whatever help he might need. Thank you.
Welcome my fellow veterans and welcome to the Elysian Fields!

About the name of our guild, borrowed from Wikipedia:

Elysium or the Elysian Fields is a conception of the afterlife that evolved over time and was maintained by certain Greek religious and philosophical sects, and cults. Initially separate from the realm of Hades, admission was initially reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life. The Elysian Fields were, according to Homer, located on the western edge of the Earth by the stream of Oceanus. In the time of the Greek oral poet Hesiod, Elysium would also be known as the Fortunate Isles or the Isles of the Blessed, located in the western ocean at the end of the earth. The Isles of the Blessed would be reduced to a single island by the Thebean poet Pindar, describing it as having shady parks, with residents indulging their athletic and musical pastimes.

The ruler of Elysium varies from author to author; Pindar and Hesiod name Cronus as the ruler.

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